Yosemite, CA


The last six months have been spent chasing mountains, oceans, lakes, trails, and making friends along the way. I've been more quiet than normal, other then instagram photos and vague captions and quotes from books I've been reading. I've been living the stories that I'll tell my grandchildren about in 50 years with a huge smile, maybe with a few details omitted. Soaked up a few days and shivered through nights in Yosemite this January with Peter, Joe, Rachelle, AJ, Joel, and Amanda. Bouldering (with a running start, of course), Joe skinny dipping in front of a bunch of tourists, realizing we were a few campsites over from an online friend (Sean), campfire songs, whiskey (lots of whiskey), and a vow that what happens in Yosemite stays in Yosemite (some of it, anyways). 

// expired lomography film in a mamiya 645. tri-x and portra in an eos3.

Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0031Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0032Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0033Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0034Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0035Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0036Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0037Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0039Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0040Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0041Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0042Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0043Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0044Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0045Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0046Sidney Morgan • Yosemite Trip_0047