WPPI Weekend (Mostly just adventuring/dancing/singing to Whitney Houston) • Las Vegas, NV

In a matter of 4 days, I climbed a mountain, met lots of inspiring people, danced so hard it hurt to get out of bed the next morning & made a best friend that i'll never forget. Fun quotes from the weekend:

"All I do to get dressed up is change my socks." - Daniel Muller

"What is your inspiration... besides cats?" - Jeremy Lane 

"I bought some falsies and i'm just sayin', I wanna take 'em for a ride." - Carly Bish

"This shot tastes like a tanning bed." - Daniel Muller

"I think I lost my keys" - Daniel Muller ..... thirty minutes of searching for keys "I checked the ice box" - Lauren Muller ... more looking for keys... "WE VALTED THE CAR" - Daniel Muller



Day 1 // A little night hike with Wyn Wiley.

Day 2 // Sara & Dylan's wedding just right out of Vegas. The day was perfect and everything  a wedding should be. Congratulation to you both!

Day 3 (or something) // Meeting the Mullers (can I just tell you how rad they are?!?). Daniel & Lauren are pretty much the funniest people i've ever met in my life & are both ridiculous photographers in Omaha, NE. Wyn & I shared a room with them in Vegas. Best roommate choice ever.

Party feet at the Madera Books party. I use them for my albums & their rad & they were the main reason 100+ photographers got sauced out in a cool penthouse suite in Vegas. It was entertaining to watch.

Day 4 // Adventuring into the desert with the coolest people i've ever met. Got to hang/shoot/sing along to Whitney Houston with The Manchicks, Carly & George , The Mullers, Amanda Vanvels, & lots of others that are not pictured.

The hottest couple award of WPPI goes to the Manchicks. Aren't they ridiculously beautiful?

Vegas was crazy. And awesome. And perfect. And so not even about WPPI (I think I spent about 30 minutes doing official WPPI things).