Sometimes, I get trapped into the idea that maybe if I was like someone else.... my life would be easier. Other photographers in particular. Pretty often, I will get sucked into another photographer's blog and sit there for a good 30 minutes wishing that I could be them or have their talent or get to shoot all the things that they do. But where does that get me? With a whole jar of Nutella eaten and 10 times more pessimistic than before. By looking at other photographers work obsessively or hearing about the 40 weddings that they have already booked for 2012, I dig myself deeper into that endless comparison. If I am using someone else's work as a bar for measuring how worthwhile my own work is... well, the highest I could end up is hitting their bar. If I am aiming for someone else's bar, I lose sight of who I am.

This takes me to another thought, what if I shot my images with no thought to what other photographers are doing? Imagine. That takes a little belief. I need to believe in myself and the fact that I have a vision that is of value enough to pursue. To take that vision and run with it is the ultimate freedom. That is my bar.