The Art of Being Weird


I found this little post on my old blog. I wrote it in May 2011 as a Junior in high school. It's a good reminder, even now. 

About two months ago, I stayed up late with a friend and we talked about our lives and different topics that were on our minds until the wee hours of the night. Things that stuck with me were: Inhibitions. Being free. Happiness.

This dear friend opened my eyes to the life that is possible when we let go of our inhibitions and our fear of judgement... you know... real life. I have always been a little afraid of being weird. In middle school, a boy asked me "why are you so weird" and for a long long time I tried to hold in or even mask my "weirdness" with productivity, politeness, and the idea that I could be perfect.

Little did I know, perfect is impossible. For years, I fought an empty fight: the fight to be perfect. Here I am to say.... it is a freakin' waste of time!

What is weird? To most, it is that feeling when things get so awkward that you don't know what to say. To me, weird is life. Life is wonderfully messy. It is impossible to become a tidy little packaged lady with 100% productivity. Trust me, it's impossible. I've tried and successfully failed. I am a messy little package and the string that holds me together comes untied sometimes, but that's okay.

Slowly, I am letting go of these inhibitions. It's okay to be a little bit crazy sometimes, because it's no fun to be a neatly bound package. Learn to accept it now before you waste valuable years of your life. Being weird and [accepting it] is truly an art.