The Endless Summer

Looking back, this summer has been the best of my life... filled with good friends, throw-your-head-back laughs & tons of creative inspiration.

My trip to see my grandma, flew up to Oregon and then drove back to California with her the next day.

Shot a sweet sixteen on a boat with my good friend Samantha and it also happened to be my birthday the same day. Such a fun night!

I have a soft spot for 4th of July. I have a soft spot for traditions. Every year, my family goes to the same park and watches fireworks. This little girl is one of my favorite people in the whole entire world and she looks like me... so it's double awesome.

In the beginning of July, I flew to Arkansas to visit my grandparents... this is my grandma's first reaction when she saw me... I LOVE IT. and that's me in front of Sam Whaltons first store (A.K.A.Walmart). Arkansas blog post can be found HERE & HERE.

After 8 days in Arkansas, I drove with my grandpa to Alabama to visit my friends Elizabeth Ann & Haley.

All I need: Laptop, music, a good book, my camera, and a little bit of Oprah.

This bride was WAY cool. 4 things I love: Brides, babies, the beach, and beautiful sunsets. HAHA.

I caught a tadpole and was beyond impressed with myself.

This bald guy... that would be awesome dad. I like him a lot. And laptop by water... probably not a good idea... but so so relaxing.

Met two of the coolest people ever this summer: Holly & Andrew. Did some fun pictures with them too (they can be seen HERE). And being stuck in the back of the car with furniture boxes after a trip to Ikea... the little things make my life interesting. I know you can't tell there are people in that bottom left picture... I officially hate the Lensbaby... the F/stop is definitely F/you.

This is my sweet friend, Johnna, who I did bridal pictures for (they can be found HERE) & Nikki, my bride from last weekend.

And this would be Andreas, one of the coolest people ever. I am starting to realize that 90% of my friends are photogs....

I like my dog. A lot.

And my other dog too... he's officially one year old.... :)


This is where all the magic happens ;)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.