Stay Curious.

I've been shooting for 2 years. It went from being something I did just for fun to something that is work (although I still do have a lot of fun). Over time, it becomes easy to just become some sort of a robot because you know the things that work and get the job done. You know the things that make people happy. You know what light to put people in to make a pretty picture. You know what you need to do to fulfill peoples expectations of a shoot.

But then, where is the art?

If you operate in the frame of mind that says git-er-done, the artist starts to die. The creative spirit in you is going to dwindle. Your curiosity disappears and you stop looking for opportunities that push the limits of what you thought was possible.

If people wanted something systematic and someone to git-er-done, they would go to Sears for their portraits. They come to you because you are a creative and you will make art that is unique and tells their story. Don't let that spirit die, friends.

Stay curious.


These are shots of my little sister. She helps me stay curious.