Share Your Heart


  As an artist and someone who has built up a small audience for my work and thoughts, I feel a pressure to play it safe. to live and express myself in between the lines. If you express a thought or idea, there is always one person who will naturally fall away from you. or better yet, unlike your fanpage.

Whether it be sharing images of a same-sex couple or a strong-hearted facebook status, people will fall away because they don't agree with what has been put on your heart.

But, as you begin to share your heart... the people that believe in you and your ideas will grow closer to you.

Would I rather have an audience of 5,000 people that only know who I am on the surface and see me as "just another photographer"? Or would I rather have 500 people that believe in me and my vision and truly "get it"? easy... 500. any day.

Those 500 will become your passionate cheerleaders.

Step out of those lines and boundaries of what you think people want to hear or can handle.

Stop playing it safe. Share your heart, my friend.