On the Other Side of the Lens.

I feel weird doing a blog post of pictures of me. A couple days before I left California, I drove down to San Diego and hung out with the woman (and legend), Erin Brant. I met her last June, when I photographed her family. Since then, she's been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to me and my business. Erin is the kind of woman that can speak life into any situation or broken heart. I am so thankful that I got to soak up my last little bit of California with her (for a while at least) before I moved to the East Coast. Side note: I'm crazy weird in front of the camera. 99% of the time, i'm not a fan of pictures of me. But Erin got it. I feel like she captured that 1%. Thank you for being the amazing woman & photographer that you are, Erin Brant.