January/ February are pretty much off season. Sometimes I think of photography as playing football. In off season, that's when the team seams to condition the most and off-season prepares them for the on-season. That's kind of where i'm at right now. Things are slow right now, but i'm calling this period "conditioning". Next month, things are going to pick up and by April, i'll be running full-speed down the field. Not working all day, everyday kind of stresses me out. It leaves room to think and breathe. It allows me to sit in the right here and right now and enjoy. Sometimes, the idea of not having anything to do is scary. It's easy to get stuck in these two slow months and let the voice in my head tell me "nobody wants you. your photography isn't even good or else people would be booking you."

So i'm just breathing and enjoying this time that I have.  I've been able to re-connect with some beautiful and wonderful friends that seem to drift away when i'm in on-season. The biggest thing i've learned is slowing down and enjoying the time isn't a bad thing.

With all of this free time, i've had the time to photograph my friends and embark on some personal projects.

Enjoy the time, my friends.