It's a simple idea, right? You should be happy with what you've got. No, I want more. More money. More friends. More popularity. More everything.

If I had _____, I would be happy.  If I accomplished _____, I would be happy. If ____ loved me, I would be happy.

People are going to suck. Money is going to be tight sometimes. You're not always going to get what you want. If your identity is tied into people + money + things, you're going to get lost. If your identity is based on the Truth of what He says about you and you know that you are valued, you are going to be found.

When you're trying to fill in blanks, you forget what you already have. You have a God that loves you and who has purposefully placed you exactly where you are. Money/people/accomplishments will never fill the holes that only our Father can fill. When you feel like you want more of the world, you really need more of Him.

"God takes our titles and accomplishments and makes confetti out of them to celebrate His amazing love for us" -Bob Goff

(this picture doesn't really have anything do with the post, but I love it. It's my pastor and his wife at lunch after church last Sunday. I love them and their joy.)