Megan + Christopher • Auburn, NY

My Sophmore year in high school, I told one of my friends "I want to travel and shoot weddings". It was a dream I just threw out there. At the time, I was taking pictures of my friends and family for fun. Not making any money. I hadn't shot a wedding yet. 2.5 years later, here I am. Living out a wild dream I had thrown out in English class. At that time, I had a rough idea of what this would look like. I knew I would probably get to meet beautiful people and go some places i'd never been. I didn't quite know it would look like this. It is even better than the picture I had in my mind. People like Megan + Chris find me. Magically, really. They booked me. I flew from Los Angeles, California to Buffalo, New York. I drove 2 hours to Auburn and met Megan and Chris in a hotel lobby a couple moments before we go onto a schoolbus to head to their pre-wedding party the night before the wedding. The party was perfect. It was about being surrounded by people who love Chris + Megan. It was perfect. I 'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

This wedding was a dream. Literally. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this wedding story.

Pre-Wedding Party

The big day