Laura and Bob • Los Gatos Radonich Ranch Wedding

Laura and Bob planned the perfect wedding at Radonich Ranch Wedding in Los Gatos. From the moment that I started talking to Laura on skype for our initial meeting, it was obvious that her joy is infectious. Their wedding was a warm fall day and all of the details were thoughtfully planned and designed. The ceremony was intimate and personalized, we ran to a patch of woods for portraits at dusk and dinner was under stars and string lights. They are the couple that everyone would hope to be friends with and would easily be a dream couple to work with for every wedding. photographer. radonich ranch wedding_0273radonich ranch wedding_0274radonich ranch wedding_0275radonich ranch wedding_0276radonich ranch wedding_0277radonich ranch wedding_0278radonich ranch wedding_0279radonich ranch wedding_0280radonich ranch wedding_0281radonich ranch wedding_0282radonich ranch wedding_0283radonich ranch wedding_0284radonich ranch wedding_0285radonich ranch wedding_0286radonich ranch wedding_0287radonich ranch wedding_0288radonich ranch wedding_0289radonich ranch wedding_0290radonich ranch wedding_0291radonich ranch wedding_0292radonich ranch wedding_0294radonich ranch wedding_0293radonich ranch wedding_0295radonich ranch wedding_0296radonich ranch wedding_0297radonich ranch wedding_0298radonich ranch wedding_0299radonich ranch wedding_0301radonich ranch wedding_0302radonich ranch wedding_0303radonich ranch wedding_0304radonich ranch wedding_0305

Radonich Ranch Wedding by Northern California Wedding Photographer, Sidney Morgan.