Life with the Lazios

2013 was a year of learning and growing. Throughout that growing, I stayed in constant contact with Sara Lazio because she always seemed to have the perfect  and objective advice (because she wasn't in the growing). I was in Brooklyn and she was 1,786 miles away in Denver. One night, I didn't know if I could take the growing anymore. It hurt and maybe there were tears and dry heaving and more tears. The next morning I got a text from Sara and she said "Come. Come and stay awhile. Pack up your things and come be a part of our life for a while. Bring your mattress and be a part of our family. Come and rest here."

So, I did. In the month that I spent with the Lazio family, I didn't just learn and see what love is- I lived in it.

November with the Lazio family. I hope you feel the love that I do when I look at these photos.

New Years Eve