Life, Raccoons, 4.5 Mile Hike, and Awesome-ness

I have been at school for a little over a month now. I have never been so challenged. With 5 academic classes and 6 art classes, things are a little nuts. This month I had 4 weddings 4 weekends in a row. In all of it, this 'ol blog gets neglected. The days go by so fast and I feel like if only there were 26 or 28 hours in the day, my life would be a little simpler. My days consist of going to class, taking pictures, running, homework, and more homework. I keep asking... "Is this real life?" because sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I am way blessed to have made awesome new friends that I can walk through life with. Sometimes you just have to laugh... and I do. A lot.

This was seriously 10 feet from my window. Life in the mountains is nothing short of awesome. :)

My new favorite thing to do? Paint. It's crazy fun, especially when you do it with your fingers.

I've been doing a lot of film photography and haven't been able to scan any of it. Here are two recent digital photos. I have beautiful friends.

This is the opening night of the school gallery. I have never seen so many people that are so passionate about art. It's awesome-sauce.

This past Monday, we had an all-school hike. We drove off of the mountain to Palm Springs and road the tram from the bottom of the mountain to the very top.

4.5 miles, baby. It was intense. I am pretty in shape, but man... that rocky 4.5 miles kicked. my. butt.

Some days are less than perfect and my will and faith are tested, but bottom line is, life is good.