Getting Uncomfortable & 'Making It'

There is a clear difference between a year ago's Sidney and the Sidney that sits typing this right now. This past year I: got a job at H&R block + quit 8 months later, officially started a business, bought the Canon 5D MarkII, was the lead photographer at 7 weddings + second shot 6 weddings, shot a whole lot of portraits (somewhere around 100 sessions), got accepted to a private art school + got an 80% scholarship, I spoke at my church about my journey (Check it out HERE, I start speaking at about 30 minutes) and grew my trust in God. Big difference between then and now: I am more uncomfortable now than I was a year ago. The further that I dive in and the bigger my goals get: the more uncomfortable it will get.

At 16, I could have stayed comfortable, resisted the urge to grow up, stayed home and played the Sims 2 all day long. That would be comfortable. I remember getting dressed up for my job interview at H&R Block and being way scared that I wasn't professional enough and I wouldn't say the right thing in the interview . I ended up getting the job. When starting a business, I remember thinking... maybe I am dreaming to big by wanting to be a photographer. I did it anyways. I remember asking my parents to loan me $2,300 in order to buy a 5D MarkII (talk about uncomfortable). Then showing up to a wedding as a 16-year-old and announcing you're the photographer.. say hello to strange looks from the bridal party. My favorite was telling my parents that I wanted to go to a school that cost $52,000 a year. Then the people along the way that said "do you really want to be a photographer? Do you think you could support yourself financially for the rest of your life with a camera?"

Along the way, there were little leaps of faith. Little bits of uncomfortable. Here I am thinking: what does it mean to have 'made it'? And when will I feel this way? Is there a point where I will see myself as one of those photographers who has 'made it' and sit up in my comfortable photographer throne? Honestly, I'm not sure.

I repeat over and over... "Walk by faith & not by fear". Over.and over. and over. and over. Trying to remember that without a little uncomfortable-ness & faith... I would be nobody... I would be sitting in my room playing the Sims 2 and only wishing to have been one of those people that  was lucky enough to 'make it'.

To you, what qualifies someone as having 'made it'?