Not From Around Here

A few weeks ago, I sold my precious Merle. My 1982 VW Vanagon that served as an ultimate symbol of success and later taught me more than I could have imagined. These three weeks traveling the West Coast with Amanda, Rachelle, and Alicia were magic. It seems fitting to share these images now after the bittersweet end of my love affair with life on the road. My heart has always ached for a sense of "home". A year or so ago in a season of seeing as much of the United States as one person can cover, I said with joy "this is the time for this and there will be a time for 'that'". I've come to realize that "this" is actually a desire to dance in the waves and skinny dip in waterfalls and see as much as I can see. I hope I will carry "this" around with me until my laugh lines are deep and my hair is gray.


Not From Around Here from amanda vanvels on Vimeo.