April Goals

I constantly am setting goals for myself. Some are huge, like for instance... becoming an international photographer (working on it). or to get out of bed by 9am everyday (let's be real, i'm not really a morning person). I may not achieve my wildest dreams, or wake up before 9am everyday... but I try.

I want April to be the month of making every second count. I know already that it's going to be a crazy month. I have a habit of booking to my limit. I'm at a point where I have to book "free time" for myself. Trying to juggle school (only 2 more months until I graduate) and my business and my sanity is getting old. But this is where i'm at and i'm ready to make the most of (or better yet, conquer) these two months.

In order to stay on track and make the most of April i'm going to set some big and small goals. Some business related & some personal.


*Finally get all of my business profit/expenses organized on

*ROCK Lani + Bruce's wedding on the 28th

*Start putting aside money for another Canon 5D Mark II (because 2 cameras is better than 1)

*Spend 20 minutes everyday brainstorming about how to take this thing to the next level



*Get out and run 3 miles at least twice a week

*write out a financial plan

*pray more

*take more pictures of my life. it's sad but sometimes my camera goes unused on days that i don't have client shoots. that needs to change.


Here's a little bit of last month, in cellphone pictures. I got to the beach a little bit early before Lani + Bruce's engagement session and got to the feel the sand in my toes. The second picture is me... after shooting the Kinser family in San Diego. It was a little bit rainy. The third picture was just be trying to be "artsy" with my cell phone camera. Not sure it worked. and #4, for all ya'll that have never experienced In 'N Out, it's amazing and one of my favorites.