Adventure is a State of Mind

Well, Hawaii. I learned was that adventure is a state of mind. The trip was an on-a-whim trip that was planned a couple weeks before departure. I ended up booking shoots after I got to Hawaii (which was nice and unexpected). I ended up falling in love with Hawaii. I met an adveturer named Shannon while I was on the island. We explored and hiked and visited tide pools. It was nice to experience the island the way that the people that live there do. One experience was hiking to a waterfall. After an hour of walking through jungle, we got to a little waterfall with a pool at the foot. Right when we were in site of the waterfall, I heard a boom that echoed in the grado. Someone jumped. From about 50 feet high. Woah, that's wild. I went and jumped from 7 feet high. I felt like a big deal. It was just enough exhileration for me. Then maybe 10 different people did the big jump. Everyone hit the water hard. Those must be the people that ride the upside-down rollorcoasters at theme parks. That's not me. I'm the one eating cotton candy and watching.

These people were pretty badass to jump from 50 feet. I needed to do it. I walked up the muddy hill to the jumping spot. I asked everyone below that had already done it if they were still alive. They all said yes. So it was safe. I looked down and it was high. Higher than I expected. I stepped out. Everyone counted down from ten. I went for it.

I've never felt more like a badass.

The difference between being the baby that goes up to the ledge and comes down or being the badass that free falls fifty feet to the water and feel like a badass forever- is a step out. One step. That's it.

Photos by Shannon