A Week of Life Firsts • SF to LA

Meet Alex & Amira. We road tripped & we had some "firsts" on this trip. It was fun. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. There aren't two other people that I would have wanted to do this adventure with. Day 1 • Hemet > San Francisco

My first time:

• Shopping for groceries at the Dollar Tree

• Road tripping with friends for pleasure, not business

• Honking the car horn multiple times at someone

• Photographing a couple in SF

• Staying at an AirBnB place (highly recommend)

•  Taking the long way, just because it's a scenic route

Amira first time:

•  Crossing a big bridge without crying

• Seeing a gas station without a toilet

• Going on an unaccompanied road trip

Alex's first time:

• Singing on the sidewalk to earn cash money

• Having a stranger make me dinner

Day 2 • San Francisco

My first time:

• Using a camp stove

• Walking a mile in the rain at night

Amira's first time:

• Having a girl crush

Alex's first time:

• Eating a cannoli

• Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge

• Eating cream corn

Day 3 • Big Sur

Our first time:

• Pitching a tent

• Building a fire

Day 4 • Big Sur > Malibu

Our first time:

• Spending a major holiday away from family

• Eating Chef Boyardee for Thanksgiving

Day 5 • Malibu > San Clemente

My first time:

• Playing cards with strangers

• Being hit on by random surfers

Alex's first time:

• Eating a PB & J Sandwich

Amira's first time: 

• Eating Mcdonald's  french fries

Day 6 •  San Clemente > Lake Arrowhead

My first time:

• Saving a wild animal from fishing line

Alex's first time:

• Eating beef jerky

Amira's first time:

• Getting here eyebrow's threaded