A One Way Ticket


These last six months have been an adventure. Just trying to find where I belong. To Kenya, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New York (once upstate & once in the city), Hawaii & a couple places in between. Every place, I would say "oh, how fun it would be to live here". I grew up in Hemet, CA. It's a quaint little town in Southern California that is hot & dry a majority of the year. At the end of November, I tossed around the idea of going to NYC in December if I could make the time. Things worked out and I was able to go. I never imagined that I would love a city so much. Lets just note, when I left Idyllwild Arts Academy, I cried a little when I said goodbye to the trees in the forest. Something about the city inspires awe. The city is an endless adventure. I feel like I belong.

I am a feeler. Thinking comes second. If I feel good about a decision, that's usually all it takes.

Although, moving 2,733 miles from the life that I know and am comfortable with might be anxiety inducing... I can't find a reason why it wouldn't be a great idea. Going to New York & failing is a lot better story than looking back on that chance I had to go live in NYC and wondering what it would have been like. It will be a great adventure.

Just a little side note: I will be back to California at least 5 times next year for weddings (March, April, May, June & July). I will be taking portrait bookings around those wedding dates & will hopefully maintain my portrait clientele in SoCal. It's official and this is happening. I booked a one way ticket to NYC for January 9th. If you want to book a shoot before then, let me know. If you want to keep up with when I'm home & booking, I would suggest liking my facebook page or adding me as a friend.

If you have any tips on life in NYC, please comment on this post. If you have friends in the city, let them know I'm on my way and open for hiring.

I am so excited for this next step in my life & I can not thank you all enough, because this dream probably wouldn't be a reality without all of your support.